Let me guide you.

I hold thousands of hours in fitness education, teaching and experience as a fitness professional in Massachusetts and Hawaii. I provide daily support, encouragement and positive reinforcement for all peers and clients, as well as maintain an uplifting, congratulatory attitude with productivity and time management efficiency. I also provide peers and customers with a genuine, unique, and motivating experience which is vital to advance communication and growth. I have experience in exercise programming, class facilitation, fitness assessments, fitness education, and one-on-one and group exercise sessions.



Cardio Fitness

Assuring you are exercising in the proper cardio respiratory zones is optimal. Increasing cardiac endurance utilizing the S.M.A.R.T. approach.



Strength Training

Utilizing one’s own body weight, or weights to achieve optimal gains on strength.




Educated In Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Power, Restorative, Children and Family Yoga.  



Water Exercise

I am able to provide an exhilarating cardio water class.  Perhaps you are recovering from an illness or operation.  How about Yoga in the pool?




In the scope of my practice I am able to assist you in making nutritionally, sound choices for daily living. The proper macro and micro nutrients for our daily needs, as well as proper nutritional recovery needs after exercising or competing in physically demanding events.



Veganism options available.

I have practiced both Vegetarian and Vegan living.  I will assist you in transitioning into adopting these practices.



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