Hello, I'm Paula.

"Believe and Achieve!"

How can it get any better than this?

What else is possible?


My Philosophy

Growing up with two parents who died a young death from lung cancer, I quickly decided I wanted to embrace a life and fitness career filled with health and wellness. I set forth on a journey spanning over 40 years of educating myself on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates, Running, Children's Exercise, Seniors and Special Populations.

It is my intention, no matter your age, weight, or medical condition to help lead you towards a better quality of health one step at a time, together.

Let me honor your individuality and celebrate your journey with you.

Take a page from my book and together we will safely and effectively lead you towards optimum health.

I really felt as though I had finally found someone who really cared, wanted their clients to be successful, and achieve their physical fitness goals. Paula was right by my side to help make that happen. At every session I always felt that her focus was on me. Always professional and always supportive.
— Lynn M. DiGennaro


Recent News

Be Fit Forever is now a member of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce.
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Let's get started!

I welcome you to contact me, so that we together can create a plan to help you succeed and reach your goals.