"I can see how we together created a new and improved body, mind and heart.”

— Paula Sheehan


Nicole Albano ( TRX, Barre, Yoga, YMCA, Neurological Conditions, Dystonia)

"Since meeting Paula, I have conquered fears such as climbing stairs, she is a wonderful person, very caring, a great listener and terrific exercise instructor. I take several classes of hers including TRX which is a type of suspension training class which works on your entire body as a work out. Paula introduced me to barre class which is a type of yoga which I take at the local YMCA and last but not least our Neurological Conditions group which focuses on people with neurological conditions such as myself. I wrote a book about my Neurological condition which is called Dystonia. My book is called “Be Strong and Continue On” and is available for purchase on Amazon. "


Parkinson's Class - Waipahu, Hawaii 

Phyllis Donlin (Parkinson's Class, Hawaii)

"...More Parkinson’s people kept coming and attending classes on a consistent basis. Maybe because people and doctors heard how good the class was and because it was a unique class not offered publicly...We used weights and small heavy balls for strength and agility training. We vocalized as loud and clearly as possible to strengthen voice quality and get over mumbling as some of us do with Parkinson’s...Paula Sheehan did a fantastic job as a person, friend and instructor. She supported us individually and cared for us as a group..."

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Carla S. (Hawaii - Yelp Review)

Working out with Paula has been a wonderful experience. I am new to the island and was looking for something to help keep me motivated and get in shape, boy did I find it! Paula keeps me on my toes and knows how to motivate you to challenge yourself.  I have been working out with her since Nov and I am feeling more tone and stronger then when I started. This is a great workout with great people to help encourage you as you are on your own personal journey with health and fitness.
B.F.F Fitness is a great way to start your day!  Nothing like getting your butt kicked first thing in the morning...Monday , Wednesday & Friday 5:30 am.
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Alycia P. (Hawaii - Yelp Review)

"I've been coming to Geiger Park for half a year now just to get my butt kicked by Paula Sheehan. Her skills as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor are second to none. Not only does she have over 30 years of experience under her belt, she's also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Fitness and Aerobics Association (AFAA). ..Her combination of strength training and cardio really helped tone me up, I'm way stronger now than I was a few months ago,..." 

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Julie Swigor, Holden, MA (Group Classes, Running Mile, Inches lost, Innovating)

"For several real years now I have participated in group classes and individual training with Paula and she has really changed my perspective on exercise. She took me from a 22 minute mile to half that and I lost inches and gained endurance.  I was amazed at how much I could do given the right instruction and a well paced exercise regimen. Paula is very adept at making exercise fun and making sure that workouts are well rounded - she is constantly innovating new ways to engage different muscle groups - I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape or improve their workout!"

Karen DeBari (Body Fat and  inches lost, Ball and Mat exercises, Physical Inguries, Weights, Enthusiasm)

"...Over the course of ten weeks, she has reduced my body fat by 6% and has helped me to lose 9.25 inches overall - my arms and abs particularly have tightened....I have problems with a knee and shoulder – Paula to the rescue!  She worked around these injuries – developing a program that would continue to support me!...I would highly recommend this dedicated trainer to anyone – whether you are looking to start or rejuvenate your workout.  She is a gem!..." 

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Jessica L. Waters, (Weight Loss, Strength, Marathon, Asthma, Confidence)

"...I wore a size 14 and struggled to run a mile in under 12 minutes...by August 2005, I could comfortably fit into a size 8 – a size I hadn’t been able to wear for nearly ten years!  I lost over 20 pounds and more than 10% body fat.  As proud as I was about my body transformation, I was even more proud to be a successful participant in Oregon’s Hood to Coast Relay Race where I ran 20 miles, averaging just over 9 minutes per mile..."

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Lynn M. DiGennaro (Personal Training, Value, Fitness Group Classes)

"...You make fitness classes fun given your relaxed and humorous personality that makes others laugh, and the great music mixes you never fail to deliver. In addition, you consistently provide individual corrective instruction during your classes to ensure that each of us are holding the appropriate form in order to achieve the most effective workout...I often observed that way that you make your students feel valued by constantly pointing out their/our successes during a more difficult work out activity as well as providing constant encouragement throughout.  I think that makes the process much less intimidating to those new to fitness and in fact, encourages them to come back..."

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Maria (Personal Fitness Training, Supportive , Enthusiastic, Lifestyle)

"...I really felt as though I had finally found someone who really cared, wanted their clients to be successful, and achieve their physical fitness goals.  Paula was right by my side to help make that happen.  At every session I always felt that her focus was on me.  Always professional and always supportive...I would highly recommend Paula to anyone of any age or gender serious about incorporating fitness into their lifestyle and look forward to working with her again in the future...Paula’s years of experience have given her an extensive knowledge base about fitness which she would share freely during our workout session at every opportunity.  Her words “let me educate you about that” - always appreciated." 

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