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Parkinson's Class Waipahu, Hawaii

Phyllis Donlin

Let me tell you about this picture taken the first week of January 2015. We are a Parkinson’s Class… Not shown are about 12 more participants. I am the red head standing on the left. Our instructor, Paula Sheehan, is standing second to the left…We wanted to give something to Paula to have as a Thank You moments for her to keep warm in Worcester, Massachusetts. When the Parkinson’s class started there were only 5. More Parkinson’s people kept coming and attending classes on a consistent basis. Maybe because people and doctors heard how good the class was and because it was a unique class not offered publicly. Mostly they came and stayed because Paula took a caring interest and concern for each of us. She is a certified trainer and has completed training in physiology, Parkinson’s disorders and treatments, reflexology, physical coordination, dance movement for health of the infirm, weight training classes and use of equipment instruction, TMX, Bootcamp, Yoga and probably many other areas that I have no listed or have no knowledge about. 

She was/is a friendly, sharing and sensitive person who is happy and that lifts your spirts up. We did all kinds of exercises standing and sitting. We used weights and small heavy balls for strength and agility training. We vocalized as loud and clearly as possible to strengthen voice quality and get over mumbling as some of us do with Parkinson’s. One of our participants told us that due to the vocalization he was swallowing better than before he started the class. We met on Mondays and Fridays for an hour around lunchtime. Before we knew it the class was over. We did so much during that class doing exercises both sitting and standing, stretching and the format of the class was interesting, never dull. 

We wanted to let you know…that Paula Sheehan did a fantastic job as a person, friend and instructor. She supported us individually and cared for us as a group. At the beginning of each class she would bring us up to date with what’s happening with Parkinson’s Groups around Oahu, such as support groups, Parkinson’s marches or fundraisers, news from Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s Organization and more.

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Alycia P.

I've been coming to Geiger Park for half a year now just to get my butt kicked by Paula Sheehan. Her skills as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor are second to none. Not only does she have over 30 years of experience under her belt, she's also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Fitness and Aerobics Association (AFAA). 

Her combination of strength training and cardio really helped tone me up, I'm way stronger now than I was a few months ago, and I feel better as I go about my week. If you plan on checking it out I recommend bringing a mat/towel for ground exercises, two dumbbells of whatever weight you're comfortable with, a bottle of water, and resistance band(s)/tubing if you have it. 

Classes are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 5:30am-6:30am at Geiger Community Park right by the parking lot and restrooms.  Most of Oahu's bootcamps' individual drop-in rates are $15+ and monthly prices are $150+ for 3 times a week. With BFF you can pay one month in advance for only $70 a month or two months in advance for $120 ($60 per month with a possible 12-14 classes per month averaging out to $4.6-$5 per class). You won't find this deal anywhere else on the island. 

Paula is full of energy, enthusiasm, and the knowledge to help get you to any goal you want to accomplish. So come on out to Be Fit Forever with Paula and make some new Be Fit Friends! I'll see ya there.

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Karen DeBari

“You wouldn’t go on a long road trip without a map.”  (Lori Incledon, author of Strength Training for Women).

When I began my training with Paula Sheehan, I had been on a road trip for about six years – constantly traveling the same route.  And guess what – staying at the same spot!  Paula has shown me new views – she has given me new direction in my fitness program and am I ever happy!  Over the course of ten weeks, she has reduced my body fat by 6% and has helped me to lose 9.25 inches overall - my arms and abs particularly have tightened.

Paula is extremely knowledgeable and has taught me a variety of exercises – on the ball, on the mat, Pilates, free weights, and indoor and outdoor (using nature!).  I learned to work my whole body.  I have problems with a knee and shoulder – Paula to the rescue!  She worked around these injuries – developing a program that would continue to support me!  As she gained new information (constantly updating herself with workshop participation), I gained new techniques.  We spent part of a session discussing foods and reading labels.  Determining appropriate levels for aerobic activities (I always thought higher and harder were better!) helped me to build rather than eat away at muscle!  I began to look forward to working out – rather than that usual dreading feeling.

In addition, her enthusiasm and encouragement kept me focused and going – during my sessions and when I was on my own.  I will now push myself to that next level, whereas before I would stop and say that I was done / that was enough.

I would highly recommend this dedicated trainer to anyone – whether you are looking to start or rejuvenate your workout.  She is a gem!

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Jessica L. Waters

When I met Paula Sheehan in April 2005, I was an avid gym-goer who had not been achieving the results I was looking for in my workouts.  I wore a size 14 and struggled to run a mile in under 12 minutes.  

From my very first personal training session with Paula, she listened to what my goals were and then designed my work-outs around achieving these goals.  In addition, she armed me with knowledge of healthy eating habits which would help me lose weight and gain physical strength.   I am proud to say that by August 2005, I could comfortably fit into a size 8 – a size I hadn’t been able to wear for nearly ten years!  I lost over 20 pounds and more than 10% body fat.  As proud as I was about my body transformation, I was even more proud to be a successful participant in Oregon’s Hood to Coast Relay Race where I ran 20 miles, averaging just over 9 minutes per mile.  Finishing that race was one of the most rewarding achievements I have experienced in my life.  

I firmly believe that my transformation would not have been possible without the motivation, support, energy, and expertise that Paula brought to every one of our sessions.  She is completely dedicated to her clients and their needs.  In my case, I suffer from asthma, and Paula took the time to educate herself and further educate me on the disease.  Actions such as this showed me over and over again that Paula had truly become my partner in achieving my physical fitness goals.  

In one of her many emails to me, Paula once wrote, “I can see how we together created a new and improved body, mind and heart.”  I could not have more accurately summarized my experience working with Paula as my personal trainer.  

Paula Sheehan is an educator, coach, role model, and friend.  I recommend her personal training services with complete and total confidence.

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Lynn M. DiGennaro

I wanted to take the time to thank you for being such a great Advanced Personal Trainer, and group fitness instructor.  The training that you provided me during our 10 sessions far exceeded all of my expectations.  I have detailed the benefits that I gained from attending your classes and having been trained by you so that you can share the feedback with others.  

I’ve been diligent about fitness for approximately twenty years now, beginning in high school.  During that time I have had the opportunity to hold memberships in many, many different facilities and participated in a wide variety of diverse fitness routines, including:  Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Muscle Toning/Strengthening, Body Sculpting using free weights, and various fitness machines and equipment.  In my 20 years experience in fitness, you are, by far, the best instructor/trainer I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  

The value that you brought to my work outs in group fitness include:  communicating diverse versions of a particular exercise based on individuals’ personal level (i.e., beginner, intermediate, or advanced), always being incredibly motivational (this is where my energy comes from when I feel like I can no longer keep up pace & always pulls me through).  You make fitness classes fun given your relaxed and humorous personality that makes others laugh, and the great music mixes you never fail to deliver.  In addition, you consistently provide individual corrective instruction during your classes to ensure that each of us are holding the appropriate form in order to achieve the most effective workout.  Something that has been lacking in many other instructors in classes that I have attended over the years.  This is especially important because you can only gain as much as you put into a workout.  Those of us who are not trained in this area are often unaware of the importance in form and will lack the ability to achieve the most effective work out without such corrective instruction.  I know that I have a great understanding of fitness and nutrition thanks to your never-ending tips and instruction provided both during your group fitness class and personal training sessions.

Most importantly, you consistently bring new cutting edge routines to your students because you are always bettering yourself by way of certifications, seminars and hiring top level trainers at your own expense to pick up new tips from them.  I also appreciate your reliability.  You were punctual for each and every fitness session that I attended.    

Also important to note, I often observed that way that you make your students feel valued by constantly pointing out their/our successes during a more difficult work out activity as well as providing constant encouragement throughout.  I think that makes the process much less intimidating to those new to fitness and in fact, encourages them to come back.  

Finally, I’d like to share my personal success achieved during your personal training with only 10 sessions, one time weekly.  Based on your measures of my body mass index given the caliper reading, with my height/weight, I lost 8 lbs., 7% body fat, and approx. 8 inches overall.  As you know, I did not change my eating habits drastically, nor did I work out every single day.  My results were purely from your personal training sessions.

Thank you again for being such a great instructor and I look forward to working with you into the future.  

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I was delighted when Paula contacted me and asked if I would provide a reference for her work as a personal fitness trainer.  It is my sincere pleasure that I have opportunity to share my experience training with Paula and to let others know what an asset she is to the world of physical fitness.

Having spent the last few years regularly attending a gym where I would do my “usual” repertoire of exercises utilizing the various machines the gym had to offer, I found my workout had become ineffective.  Worse yet, I had become completely bored with my exercise routine.

That’s when I found Paula.  Paula is a personal trainer who brings a fresh attitude and positive perspective to each and every workout session and who is invested in helping her clients understand the importance of exercise in a completely new and different way.  Her well rounded approach to fitness really helped me understand that it is much more than just going through the motions.  At the very start of our training sessions, Paula took the time to understand me, my goals and what I wanted to gain from the workout sessions.

The repertoire of exercises I learned from Paula were not simply ones that she had mastered or particularly liked but ones that were suited to helping me achieve my goals.

I really felt as though I had finally found someone who really cared, wanted their clients to be successful, and achieve their physical fitness goals.  Paula was right by my side to help make that happen.  At every session I always felt that her focus was on me.  Always professional and always supportive.

Paula’s years of experience have given her an extensive knowledge base about fitness which she would share freely during our workout session at every opportunity.  Her words “let me educate you about that” - always appreciated.

Paula is not only a knowledgeable, high caliber fitness trainer but it is so evident that she really loves what she does.  At each and every training session with her I was reminded how much she loves her work by her enthusiastic attitude.

Paula delivers beyond expectations.  The results I achieved working with Paula serve to underscore what an excellent trainer she is.  Results that far exceeded my expectations.

I would highly recommend Paula to anyone of any age or gender serious about incorporating fitness into their lifestyle and look forward to working with her again in the future.

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