Jessica Prescott


Live like you give a damn…

Jessica has a bachelors degree in Developmental Psychology. She is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) trained and has many years of experience working with children and adults with severe special needs. She is a certified personal trainer (Action Personal Training) with an advanced certification in nutrition.

Jessica grew up watching the older generations in her family suffer greatly from heart disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and arthritis. She knew that she would be headed down the same path some day and thought “there must be a better way?” She didn’t want that pain and suffering for herself or her children. Extensive online research lead to the discovery of some amazing books and to her surprise, every piece of evidence she found pointed in the same direction… DIET. Diet is the cause of the vast majority of all of our health (including mental health) problems today!

Take control of your destiny! Let’s clean up your diet together taking baby steps in the right direction or cleaning house and making a giant change today… whatever you are up for. We can do this!

Live Like You Give A Damn…

● About your health

● About the way you look and feel

● About the impact you have on those around you

To my surprise and delight, healthy eating doesn’t mean just salads and whole grains that taste like cardboard: Jessica has a multitude of delicious recipes and product knowledge that make this non-traditional type of diet even more exciting and rewarding than what most people consume. Thanks Jess!!!
— Ed Farrell
Jessica has had a positive impact on my diet because watching how she eats and the effect it has on her inspires me to make more healthy food choices.
— Ruth Bowers
Jessica taught me about a vegan diet and that has changed my life. My cholesterol is down and I no longer count calories or points or servings. I just enjoy delicious and nutritious food and I feel great! Jessica is not only knowledgeable and encouraging, she is a positive role model.
— Sue Driscoll